Serving the industry since 1945!

Crane Services

Rountree Transport & Rigging, Inc has over sixty-five years of experience in crane and heavy lifting. Our fleet of cranes makes it possible to supply the right size equipment for the job, we are a well equipped company that can handle all your crane and lifting needs.

Crane Services

Using our cranes we can pick and set sensitive manufacturing pieces, air handling units, or bulk items. We are also familiar with pre-cast concrete construction and steel erection.

Every RT crane is continually monitored and maintained to ensure safety and consistent, top notch performance.

We dedicate ourselves, and our trained experienced staff, to safe operations, annual equipment upgrades and certifications.

Our fleet of cranes provides the flexibility to complete difficult and complex lifting tasks in a minimum amount of time.

Our operators are trained in strict safety procedures that assure the correct placement of the lift.

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Serving the industry since 1945.

Rountree Transport has an impeccable track record for safety and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our transport and how we can serve you.