Serving the industry since 1945!


Rountree Transport & Rigging, Inc has over seventy-five years of experience in rigging heavy equipment. With experience of that level comes a steady hand and the ability to place the most sensitive of equipment securely and safely.

Safety is our top Concern

when rigging heavy equipment. The slightest fault can result in injury or damage to your property. With Rountree you can expect the greatest care in the rigging business, and with a lifting capability of 400 tons, you can also expect that we can take care of your rigging needs.

RT Utilizing our experience in rigging a wide variety of items, equipment and products, we are able to customize heavy rigging solutions to meet our customer demands.

Our rigging hardware is certified and maintained by qualified personnel. We utilize state of the art systems for all our rigging projects.

We have the ability to assist our clients with capabilities that allow us to reduce costs with the ultimate goal of completing the project safely and on time.

Serving the industry since 1945.

Rountree Transport has an impeccable track record for safety and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our transport and how we can serve you.